Taking Your Theory Driving Test

 Phil Quicks School Of Driving

Theory Driving Test Info
Your theory driving test is split into two parts, a question an answer part and then the hazard perception part.

Question an answer

This part of the theory driving test is made up of 50 multiple-choice questions, you will have 57 minutes to complete this part and will need 43 correct answers to pass this section.

This is how it works - A question will appear on the computer screen with several possible answers below it, you will need to select the correct answer. Some questions will ask you to select more than one answer.

Hazard Perception

This part of the test consists of 14 different video clips each lasting about a minute. Within each clip you will be looking for a developing hazard, as soon as you spot the hazard you should click the mouse button. An early click will get you a high score, a late click will register a low score. You will need to score at least 44 out of a possible 75 to pass this section.

This is how it works
- you will be looking at the computer screen and it will look like you are driving along the road, there will be more than one hazard on route, but you will be looking for a developing hazard.

So what is a hazard- A hazard is anything which causes you to change speed or direction to deal with it. Image your driving down the road and you see a parked car on the left, at this point its doing nothing its just a parked car, if you click your mouse now you score no points but lose none either.

So whats a developing hazard- Take the same car, as you get nearer to it you see the right signal come on, you anticipate the car car may move away so it becomes a developing hazard, a mouse click at this point will get a mark. It was the signal coming on that changes the parked car from a potential hazard to a developing hazard, as you get nearer and the car starts to move off, you should respond with another mouse click.

Your theory driving test is pretty straight forward and for the majority of people will present no problem, providing you take it seriously and put in some study time. On the left of this page you will see some links to pages that will help you prepare for the test, good luck.