Learning To Drive With Phil Quick

 Phil Quicks School Of Driving

There are many driving instructors in Banbury, if your thinking of learning to drive and starting your driving lessons in Banbury then just have a quick read about the experience's of a few of my successful pupils below.

During my time learning to drive with Phil Quick, I always found him a very professional instructor, an excellent teacher, very patient, very calm and very understanding. He always explained things very clearly and I felt able to ask questions if necessary. He was always punctual when picking me up for a lesson, and has an excellent car to learn in too. I was a nervous pupil and Phil's help and encouragement gave me the confidence to go on and take/pass my test. I think Phil is one of the best driving instructors in Banbury and i always recommend him to anyone that is planning to start learning to drive, thanks so much Phil.

Sam Kramer

"Not only did I pass my driving test on my first go, so did every other member of my family who had lessons with Phil Quick. His lessons have a supportive and friendly atmosphere, helping you to drive without unnecessary stress. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive!" hope you're doing okay Phil. All's good with my driving so far, except my car of course. Oh and thank you very much for everything! Otherwise clearly I would not have been joining my family in their great 1st time passing achievement.

From Saskia

Phil Quick as a driving instructor is very friendly, patient, considerate and understanding. He knows different people need different teaching techniques. I went through them all. Phil helped in many ways, mainly the most important was my confidence as a driver. As my confidence grew all the manoeuvres and driving techniques fell into place and made sense, he made driving a clear process. Driving is hard and difficult, however the steps were made easy to follow. When I did not understand anything he would go over it step by step until I did understand and put it into practice, only then, would we move on. Passing my test was hard and nerve racking but I passed 1st time after only 16 lessons. Driving on my own for the first time did not bother me at all because I was taught well and was confident of my ability, and with the skills he had given me I was able to over come any driving scenario. I want to thank you Phil, I would not have done it without you"

Dan, Harrison

My name is Jason Byfield, I am a youth worker from Banbury. I took my driving lessons roughly a year ago and passed first time. I was very worried about the theory test as I am not that great academically and they had added more questions, Phil was very informative and helpful. I would defiantly recommend him, he is friendly, fun, down to earth and very professional. He always made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in my driving.

Jason Byfield

"I chose Phil Quick as my driving instructor as he was recommended to me by another of his learners who had passed first time. He is a first class Driving Instructor, with a great combination of being relaxed and friendly but also focused. He is very patient which is just as well as my reversing around a corner manoeuvre was appalling to start with! he is a practical teacher so what he teaches you sinks in really quickly as he helps you to understand why things are done. His approach is also better than other driving instructors in Banbury as he teaches you to drive for life, not just to pass your test. I still remember a lot of useful tips he gave me when I was learning. Phil is also a very personable instructor which helps you to relax quickly when learning to drive. I passed first time with Phil Quick and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who was looking for an instructor. He is also very reasonably priced compared with other instructors."

Alex Bidwell