Pass Your Driving Test

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Your Practical Driving Test

Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, it will last about 40 minutes. The test route will cover a variety of different road and traffic conditions, designed to test your driving ability and that you follow the rules of the highway code. If you drive to the standard required then you will pass your driving test, there are no pass or fail quotas.

What Happens On The Day- your driving instructor will pick you up an hour before your test appointment and you will do a lesson as normal.

We will arrive at the test centre about 10 Min's before your test and wait in the waiting room together. Your examiner will enter and ask to see your driving licence and to then sign your name on his form. He will then ask if you want your instructor to come along on test, if you answer no he will then ask if you want him there at the end for the debrief, you will then lead the way out to your car.

Once outside you will be asked to read a number plate from the required distance of 20 metres, you get 3 chances to get it right. You will then be asked 1 vehicle safety check question, also known as show me tell me questions.

Next comes the driving part of the test, your examiner will ask you to move off when you are ready and to follow the road ahead at all times, unless road signs say other wise, or unless you are asked to turn. You should drive just the same as you would on a driving lesson, you may or may not be asked to do an emergency stop. During your drive you will be asked to perform 1 vehicle safety check while on the move, for example sound the horn.

During your drive you will be required to drive listening to satellite navigation, this part of the test will last for about 20 Min's. In about 1 in every 5 tests satellite navigation will be substituted for independent driving. You will drive independently for about 20 Min's following road signs given to you from the examiner.

Only one manoeuvre will be covered on your test, this will be either reversing on the right side of the road, parking in a bay, or reverse (parallel) parking round a car at the side of the road.

The Result - During your test your examiner will be checking to see that you drive to an overall good standard. You can make up to 15 miner driving faults and still pass your driving test, however one serious or dangerous error will result in a fail.

Most people fail their test because they are simply not well enough prepared, learning to drive is one of the most complex things you will ever do, so be realistic about how long it will take. Just like any other exam, if you are properly prepared you will have the best possible chance to pass your driving test 1st time.

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