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My driving school runs on recommendations from previous successful pupils that are now confidently driving their own cars, that's why I'm so committed to good customer service. Im here to help, offer support and encourage you, your custom is important to me. I strive to achieve a high level of service for all driving lessons in Banbury. Driving school services include:

Standard Driving Lessons

Wondering what happens on your first lesson, check out below.

If you've not driven before, your 1st lesson covers the controls of the car, then for the last 30 Min's you will drive around quiet country lanes, nice and easy, no stress, no traffic. Its normal to feel nervous, but you will find it enjoyable and fun and will finish your drive feeling you have achieved something special. Following lessons will cover , Junctions & Roundabouts, Parking in a bay, Parallel Parking, Awareness & Planning, Sat Nav driving, just to name a few.

With any problems that arise I'm here to help and support you and to answer any questions you may have. On your 1st few lessons full instruction is given, as your control skills improve and confidants grows, instruction is gradually taken away until your driving safely and ready to sit your test.

So what happens if you had lessons before and have some driving experience.

Returning Learners If you took a test in the past which did not go as planed, or you started lessons but could not continue then you already have a head start on most people. Once you start driving again what you learnt before will usually come back to you quickly. On your 1st lesson I will ask you about your previous experience then look at your driving and then base a training plan around your needs.

Motorway Lessons

For a new driver the thought of driving down the motorway at 70mph with lots of other fast moving traffic can be daunting.

Motorway lessons will put you into a totally different driving situation not covered before. You will learn how to join and leave the motorway safely, correct use of mirrors and signals, what lane to be in and how to change them and how to follow traffic at a safe distance.

I will pass on all the knowledge you will need for your future on this type of road so you can drive them with confidence and in safety.

Pass Plus Course

Statistics show that within the first two years of driving, a newly qualified driver is more likely to have an accident than at any other time, they are much more vulnerable than they realise. Driving a car is basically a skill and while many life skills are learnt by trial an error, making an error on the road can be catastrophic.

Pass plus offers new drivers professional instruction in areas not covered during normal lessons. It aims to develop your skill base by giving a variety of driving experiences and so reduce the risk of having an accident. The course will cover An introduction, Town driving, All weather driving, Out of town and rural roads, Night driving, Dual carriage ways and Motorways.

The syllabus was designed by the driving standards agency and is supported by the insurance industries, with discounts of up to 30% with some insurance companies who participate in the scheme.